Meet Our Elders

Meet Our Elders

John Samson, Pastor

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Doug Bruner

Doug grew up in Southeastern New Mexico in a non Christian home. After finishing high school he went to college but had no real direction in life. After four years of aimless wandering, he enlisted in the Army and served four years as a helicopter mechanic. Choosing not to make a career of the military he went back to New Mexico State University and finished his Bachelors Degree in Agriculture. While working at the job he thought would be his career, he had an existential crisis. Deeply unhappy and plagued with questions about the meaning of life and why we are here, he attended a church service and prayed to receive Christ, hoping this would make him happy. Life did not change and shortly afterwards, he moved to Phoenix. Four years later, he was born again and asked God to forgive him through the work of His Son. The Holy Spirit revealed to him that the Bible is God’s word and he began attending church services regularly (and was a member of another local church for several years). Though he had grown in his faith he lacked the assurance of salvation, not being truly established in the gospel.

Doug learned of Pastor John through a radio broadcast and began attending King’s Church in 2011 (when it met in a local home). Through hearing the faithful preaching of the gospel and the doctrines of grace, he now has that grounding and assurance. Doug’s parents have also become believers through the ministry of King’s Church and are faithful members. Doug’s passion is for people to come to faith in Christ and become grounded in the doctrines of grace.