The Word of the Cross

Ministry at Apologia Church, Mesa, May 23, 2021

The execution of an itinerant Jewish teacher on a Roman cross on a hill just outside Jerusalem in first century Palestine was the most important event in human history.

Really? THE most important? Doesn’t that sound just a little outlandish?… just a little “out there”?

Paul knew that what he had to preach would be considered an impossible hurdle for those with a Jewish background, and totally foolish to non-Jews. Yet he preached the message of the cross anyway, knowing only “the called” (among Jews and Gentiles) would see any value whatsoever in his message. In the cross of Christ, the very wisdom and power of God is put on display.

Missions: Locally Focused, Globally Minded

In past decades, church budgets included an item for the making and sending of sermons on cassette tapes (and later on CD’s and DVD’s) to pastors and people in distant regions of the world. That was then…This is now. The world has changed! Extraordinary technological advancements in recent times means that sermons can now be […]