A Visitor Writes…

Written by John Samson

November 5, 2018

Thomas, from Wyoming was a first time guest in our worship service yesterday. He took time to write an email describing his experience with us. I thought I would share it with you as it is a strong encouragement to us all to continue to pursue purity of worship:

Pastor John, Brother in the Lord,

What a wonderful experience! I can honestly say that it was one of the purest Worship Services I have ever had the chance to share. No filler, no patronizing, no waffling……. just the Truth. Praise God!

When I am back (in the Phoenix area) with my wife, we both look forward to experiencing King’s Church again. I told her all about it over the phone… it was an honor to sit under your very accurate teaching.

And, what a lovely and complete package your bulletin, etc. is! Clear, simple, classy and to the point…….much like your sermon today.

You mentioned C.H. Spurgeon this morning and I had just read one of his devotionals on Alistair Begg’s site the other day that spoke to the same theme you were on. He used the example that God does not put Grace or Salvation up on some pedestal that we then have to climb up to reach. He further used the example of the Samaritan; who did not simply leave the wine and oil and wish the injured traveler well. He DID the WORK himself. God does the work of Salvation Himself. Great analogy.

Hopefully, I may be in a position soon to help your ministry with more than prayers, as I see a little ‘Spurgeon’ in you and can only hope that the growth of King’s Church could mirror his work. I prayed this morning for growth in your church there…..and His church worldwide. But, I will keep you and your mission in prayer and will share and include friends back home in that endeavor.

But the real hope I have, not of this world but as the Bible would describe it, is the expectation that we have eternity to spend together sitting at the feet of and worshiping our Lord. Together.

What a pleasure today has been!

Thank you and God Speed.


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