Do miracles happen today? If we believe in a God who still answers prayer, I am sure we as Bible believing Christians would say “yes.” I try to refrain from using the word “miracle” too often though because as I understand its definition, it refers to something that totally defies natural law – something that cannot be explained by natural process alone.

I can testify to seeing the Lord do some amazing things in the region of Kerala, India. I remember taking a small team there and praying for two young girls aged 7 and 9, one deaf and mute since birth, the other deaf since birth, and they were totally healed by God’s power, which resulted in their mother, a Hindu (before all this happened), making a profession of faith in Christ. It was something I will never forget and still brings tears to my eyes when I think of it. The image of a young child hearing sound and speaking for the first time is forever etched on my mind.

In a village in Mongolia, I saw the pastor’s mother healed of a lame leg which she had suffered with for more than 60 years. Apparently, she had injured her leg when she had fallen off a horse as a teenager, and now at age 76 brought her home village a tremendous visible testimony to the power of God and the authenticity of the gospel!

I mention these two incidents (though I could speak of others) because I am still in contact with people who were present at the time and who can verify these things.

Though I am sure every Christian can testify to seeing answers to prayer even in the realm of physical healing, why do we not see the same level of miracles today as in the time of the early church? Here (below) is a short video (less than 4 minutes) by Dr. John Piper which I think is quite helpful in this regard: