Dr. James White (interviewed on Christian Television in the U.K.)

The first question in recorded history was a subtle attack on God’s word. The questioner was the serpent in the garden of Eden, asking “Did God really say?” The devil’s intentions have not changed over time. He seeks to destroy mankind’s trust and confidence in the word of God.

Part of our responsibility as Christians in obeying the command of 1 Peter 3:15 in being ready with an answer for the reason of the hope that lies within us, involves being able to defend both the inspiration and the preservation of the text of holy Scripture. Here is excellent material in this regard from a very recent one hour televison program from the United Kingdom. Dr. James White defends the reliability of the New Testament and along the way, brings much needed clarity to the issues of the canon of Scripture, the Apocrypha, alleged insertions of the deity of Christ into the manuscripts, what the council of Nicea was actually about, and the method in which God made sure His word was preserved for His people.

In decades past, this was probably an area of study only of interest to scholars, but with the mainstream media so hostile and prevalent in its attacks on the Bible, we all need SOME knowledge of these issues. That is why I would recommend the viewing of this video (below) very highly. The facts are actually on our side.

(There seems to be an annoying 2 second lag between the audio and the video throughout, but hopefully you can still follow the discussion).

– Pastor John Samson